Monday, 9 May 2016

Hand Me Down And Second Hand Baby Paraphenalia

I am now at week 19 of my pregnancy and everything is going well.  I am healthy, the baby is growing and I have not put on any weight yet which according to my doctor is a very good thing as it means I am not putting on wasted kilos that I just have to try and loose after the baby is born.

We are now taking steps to get set up for the arrival of our first child and we are focused on only buying a few key items new (car seat and pram), not over spending, borrowing where we can and buying second hand as much as possible.

Hubby's mum recently handed down to us items she had used on Hubby and his brother ( 40 + years ago) as well as some sheets they no longer had a bed to fit.
She has gifted us 18 terry towel flat nappies, a assortment of cotton cot blankets, a couple of heavy woolen cot liners, 2 single flannelette sheets, 3 double fitted sheets (plus 2 other double sheet sets that we will keep for our spare bed).  I plan to cut the flannelette and fitted sheets down and turn them into cot sheets and although we plan to use modern cloth nappies the terry toweling flat nappies will make good spares and are the right size for burping cloths and change mats.

There was also a carry basket that we probably won't use as it does not have a matress but time will tell.

I picked up a baby change table at an op shop for $35 and it just needs a change mat on top.  We could have not bothered with a change table but we also needed a set of draws so this one covered that need as well.

I also picked up a baby bath for $5 at the op shop too.  I was thinking that I would just bath the kid in the kitchen or laundry sink but for $5 I could justify the spend.

Later this week we are having our next scan and are excited to find out what sex we are having and that everything is on track.  I am also starting pre-natal yoga this week which I am looking forward to as they cover breathing for labor as well as stretching and strength for child birth.

I also had another day op shopping with my friend Sandra on the weekend and came away a massive winner but more about that later in the week.

If anyone has tips on things that are not worth buying and should be avoided please let me know what and why.


  1. Yay fee! Love the op shop :)

  2. Yes yes, go minimal! If you get a vinyl-covered changing mat for that changing table, you can use all those cloth nappies as covers that can easily be whipped away and washed and replaced with another. I did use a rocker/bouncinette type thing quite a bit with all my babies, but you can always buy that if you feel you need it once the baby is born. Ditto with any baby-wearing device. I was lucky that my sister handed down good basics like a solid old pram. Best wishes to you!

  3. That looks as though you found some great deals. Exciting times.

  4. The baby carriers are expensive, made from synthetic fabric, are bulky to cart about if you are not actaully using it and some have leg holes that become too tight for baby's thighs. Better choice is a homemade Mei tie, you get to use cotton, choose the fabric design and colour ( serviceable so it doesn't show every little mark) and when folded up they are no bigger than a disposable nappy.
    The pattern is simple ( find on the net) and easy to make, I have made many for family , friends, Nannying clients and NSW baby clinic for kids with hip displacement.
    You could also make your own baby wearing wraps from a few metres of cotton, great idea for when it is not so hot and humid in Brisbane.
    Either of these is wonderful for grocer shopping as you are hands free and baby isn't in a germy trolley, or general shopping when you dont want to push a pram through crowded spaces.


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