Friday, 6 May 2016

Liz's Magical Herbal Salve

As I posted the other day our dog Jessie managed to hurt herself recently when we visited our friends Liz and Pete.

As luck would have it a little while back Liz gave me some of her herbal salve to try and after checking all the ingredients were safe to use on dogs even if they licked it I decided to apply it to Jessies skin tear.

This was less than 2 weeks ago and the hole was about the size of a 10 cent piece and right through all the layers of the skin.

This is today.

As you can see it is completely healed over with just a tiny little scab bust mostly new skin.  To be honest I thought it would take a lot longer to heal to this point and you can tell that not much time has passed based on the lack of hair growth.

You can buy Liz's Salve here at her Etsy shop.  Just to be open and honest, yes we are friends, no I didn't pay for my pot of salve, no I am not getting paid to endorse her products (but I am happy to as I have tried the lip balm and a soap that she made a while back and they were great) and finally Liz does not know I am posting this (till now) and has not seen the attached photo either.

So a big thanks to Liz for gifting me this salve.

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  1. Thanks fee! Good to see Jessie is healing and glad my salve helped :) i use it on everything, its really handy and easy to make- recipe on my blog if you need it.


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