Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ride on to the Rescue

Now I am the first to admit that my hubby works pretty darn hard.
He works in a very physical job as an Arborist (Tree Dr) and spends his days climbing trees, cutting them down and fixing them up (not necessarily in that order). 
In addition to his job being physically demanding he also generally works 6 days a week, 8+ hours a day, most weeks then still has to come home and help out on the farm.  This leave little quality time as a couple.
He is often over tired and the last thing he wants to do is slog it out mowing 1/4 acre of lawn with a push mower, not even a self propelled push mower might I add.
Until recently we had shared the job of mowing lawns but I currently have an injured back so cannot help out.
So when the idea of purchasing a ride on lawn mower was raised yet again I realised that yes it was time to give this the go ahead even though it represented a substantial outlay of savings.
So he got online and made some calls to see where he could get the best deal.  Thankfully mowers and chainsaws are often sold in the same shops so he was able to go to a retailer he regularly deals with and get a good deal, $400 off the RRP.
So off he set to pick up the new mower. 
He returned a few hours later with the new mower and pleased as punch and it was time for a test run.
Well what a breeze.  It mows forwards and backwards and took only half the time that it does with a push mower and that was without really having the swing of it.
The verdict.
Well yes it was a lot of money but considering we only get 2 full days a fortnight to spend together, and some of that has to be spent doing chores, I think that the extra time we gain will work out to be worth every cent.


  1. It's certainly a lot of work to keep acreage tidy, maybe Hubby could double you on the mower next time and that way you still get to spend time together!!! Happy Mowing :)

  2. Hi Fiona, I'm loving your blog and look forward to following your journey. I would love to have a tree change on acres with chickens and cows...maybe one year, I wouldn't be able to freezer them but, they would be like my pets, I couldn't bring myself to do it!


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