Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 1 in the Garden

So the first day of my work break has come and gone and it was a productive one.

It was off to town to pick up supplies.  Some Searles 5 in 1 compost, some vermiculite and a few other bits and pieces.  I use the vermiculite mixed with potting mix when planting out seeds and I see on the packet it is made from organic materials, but I really do not know that much about it and if it is actually a good thing to buy/use and what are the environmental impacts.  If anyone knows I would love to know.  Other wise I will be putting it on my list of things to find out.

Then it was off to the mushroom farm to make enquiries about compost and buying mushrooms in bulk.
And I wasn't disappointed.  I met with the owner and she gave me a tour and told me what I was able to purchase.
Basically there was no minimum quantity so if I only wanted a kilo of mushrooms (as if) that was fine and I had the choice of the following:

A1 Buttons $7 kg
A2 Buttons $6 kg (these were basically not pure white on their caps)
Cups $5 kg
Swiss Browns $8 kg
Mushroom compost $1 per bag and still producing stacks of mushrooms

My A2 Mushrooms
 So I got a 4kg box of A2 mushrooms and now I just have to divide them up and work out how many to keep out and how many to freeze.  I am not sure if anyone else freezes mushrooms but I find they freeze well.

After lunch I go on to some of the outdoor jobs on my list, mainly planting seeds for the summer veg I want to have this year. So out to my potting table in the shade house it is.

My potting table  and my basket of seeds, paper pots and extra paper and my number 1 helper

Paper pots from over at sow give grow
All done - well for now
So I have planted out: Sage, Thyme, Rocket, Purple Artichokes, Zuchini (tri colour), 3 types of Tomato's (Amish Paste, Russian Mix and Galapagos), Heirloom Capsicums (7 colour mix) and Heirloom Eggplant's.
Some of these I tried last year but I was too late in starting and the humidity killed them off so this year I hope to have things up and running before the humidity kicks in.

Well out to the garden I go again to see what more I can get done.


  1. Hey, Fiona. What an incredibly productive day you have had. I bet you fell into bed with an amazing sense of achievement.
    The pots look great. I can't way to see the little seedling pop their heads through the soil.
    I hope the rest of your time away from work is just as fulfilling.

  2. Hi Fiona...I love going to the mushroom farm...I also buy bags of compost to harvest more mushrooms, in the warmer weather I can pick up to 2kg every few days....I tried in winter...but I think it was just too cold.....I have done lots with mushrooms on my blog.....including a really yummy mushroom ketchup which is like a concentrated stock.

    Happy planting.

  3. Mmmm interesting - I never thought mushrooms would freeze - sure they would turn to mush If you know what I mean....


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