Monday, 13 February 2012

A Pictorial Update

I have been a bit absent from my blog for the last week.  In addition to my paid job I have a number of community projects that  I am involved in and one of them "Harmony Day"  has involved applying for grants and trying to performers and stalls for the day.  We are holding the event on Saturday March 10 in conjunction with the local markets and we are also hosting the "Shave for a Cure" participants as well. 

Back at home things have been hot, humid and wet.
The ground is soggy underfoot....
The tomato's are rotting...
Some plants are drowning...
The mango is loving it....
We have bagged 2 bunches of bananas so far....
And there are more bunches on their way...
My beans that I was letting dry on the vine for winter beans have gone mouldy...
And the grass will not stop growing, I hope it dries out enough to mow soon or we might loose Jessie the dog...
 Or we may get lost ourselves.
On the bright side I have gotten some more preserving practise and I seem to be getting the hang of it all.  No floating fruit this time.  Hooray!!!
It is still warm enough here to get in some more summer crops so this week I will be sowing some more seeds and clearing some overgrown garden beds.

What's happening at your place?


  1. Im oggling those big jars of preserves...Im thinking maybe it IS time to dust off the vacola and get to the farmers market this weekend for some fresh pears..........imagine all the nights of pear crumble you are going to have this coming Winter....mmmmm

  2. My vegies are drowning or covered in mildew too and i was nearly losing sight of the twins in the grass until the sun came out briefly so the mowing could get done!
    Your preserves look great...lovely big jars full!
    Applying for grants can be such a time consuming process...hope it went well for you!

  3. Isn't it crazy! We went away for a week and I swear the grass has grown a foot (not that I'm complaining, we were getting a bit short on feed). My garden is totally overgrown again, the veges are doing ok, but the weeds and mildew is doing better!

  4. Yay for the festival, shame about the plants though! All that hard work! We are currently being overrun with zucchini and tomatoes here and thankfully the weather is holding well enough to give us a few more weeks of good growing

  5. I also have paid job and we are giving farming a try. It is amazing what the consequences are of being busy with other things. Somethings turn out just fine and other things in the garden need more are. I have 3 kids and a paid job so I feel your pain.


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