Thursday, 1 March 2012

Slow Living 2012 - Month 2

Linking up with Christine today for a look back at Slow Living in February.

This is a great way of reminding yourself of exactly what you have achieved during the month and even though some things are just small steps they all build up to make a much bigger picture.  If you want to join in head over to Christine's blog to find out what Slow Living Month by Month is all about.

Nourish - February saw me working on my Sourdough skills.  I have tried a lot of different recipes and am trying to find one that suits my baking style and our bread eating habits.  I also tried out new recipes (chocolate beetroot cake, and velvet cupcakes) and we had an entirely homecooked month other than a birthday lunch out.

Prepare - More bottles of diced tomato's were prepared in my Fowler's Vacola Unit as well as pears and some home made cordial.

Reduce - There were a few books that I really wanted to buy but at $40 each it was not a wise spend.  In the end I asked my local Library to buy them and I was first on the list to borrow them.  Now I know they will be on hand if I want to ready them again in the future.

Green - Well this one just snuck in for the month of Feb as I only made it last night.  I have had a go at making liquid soap for pump bottles.  So far it looks good, very soapy but good.  Until I give it a decent run I will not say it was a success but it is at least a start.  I have also been training Hubby on cleaning with Bicarb and Vinegar.

Grow - February was a pretty dud month for growing things.  We had such a wet month that a lot was pulled out, but at the end of the month I got a few seedlings in for Pumpkin, Rosella's and herbs.  I also planted out beetroot seeds because I accidentally watered the paper packet they were in and then they were just going to rot if they didn't go in the ground.

Create - I am always crafting away on something, this month it was mainly scrap booking.

Discover - A friend and I found out that our council was funding an event management workshop at a local artists studio.  For the grand total of $5 we were provided transport to and from the workshop, the workshop itself and a BBQ lunch.  The artist studio was a great find as they hold other classes there as well which I might attend in the future.

Enhance - I have spent over 100 hours in February working on different community projects and boy am I pooped.  Plus it is not over yet.  We are celebrating Harmony Day in my town on March 10 and as the event manager my to do list is as long as my arm.  I also have 2 other projects on the go..  It is very rewarding but the process of applying for funding grants and managing a couple of different groups of people on top of full time work is very tiring.

Enjoy - Oh I very much enjoyed the birthday lunch with my best friend.  There are many small things that have also brought me joy like catching up with friends and family, and spending time with Hubby and the pets.

Well enough said about last month.  March is already here and there are jobs to be done.


  1. Wow! You have been busy...i really enjoyed reading through your list and what a great idea with the library buying the books!

  2. Baking Sourdough bread is absolutely on my to learn how to do list.

    That studio event sounds like a great find!

  3. I so love buying new books and reading them when they are still crisp, but if your library will buy on request, that's great! Can't believe I've never been into my local library... Will make that my DIscover aim for March!

  4. You sure have been busy! The council art event sounds great! I'm really interested to hear more about your liquid soap and that chocolate/beetroot cake... ;)

  5. Jode, Yep the library service is great. They figure it is a good way of ordering books as they know it is what peopl want to read.
    Kathryn, give sourdough a go. Even the failures are fun.
    CGCG you eally should get to your library, you never know what is on offer.
    Christine, Beetroot cake on its way once perfected and liquid soap too.

  6. Wow, what an inspiring list and productive month you had! Well done!


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