Thursday, 13 September 2012

Seasonal Eating - Black Pepper Strawberries

At the moment strawberries are in season here.
I know for most people strawberries are a summer fruit but it is too humid here in summer so ours are at their peak in spring.

At the moment my favourite way to eat them is with balsamic vinegar and freshly cracked black pepper.  Now I know it is not the usual flavour combination but trust me on this.  It is such a quick and easy desert.
The balsamic really enhances the strawberry flavour and the pepper really gives it a warm hum.

Black Pepper Strawberries

500 gm Fresh Strawberries
2 Tbl Icing Sugar
2 Tbl Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 Tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Hull and quarter strawberries.  Add icing sugar and vinegar and mix for 3 minutes so that the strawberries release some juices.  Leave to marinate for between at least 1 hour but not more that 3 hours.
Just before serving grind the pepper very finely and mix into berries.  Serve over vanilla icecream that has also been dusted with black pepper.

NB  I have tried this with a normal balsamic as well as a balsamic reduction and they both work but see what works for you.


  1. Wow Fiona....i have never tried this combination but you have me intrigued and i need to give it a try now!!

  2. Oh these look so good. My husband just left for the farmer's market for strawberries (i fail to grow them in Canberra well) & we might try this recipe out, thanks. Have a great weekend Fiona, love Posie


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