Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Back to the Garden

The rain finally seems like it is easing off.  We are still getting showers everyday but I decided it was time to get some more seeds sown and plants in the garden.
I planted some seeds a few weeks ago but most of them rotted in the rain so I am having another go.
I planted out some seeds directly and others in seed raising mix.  I am giving brassicas one more go after ending up feeding the to the cows last year when they refused to form heads.
I think that we are just too far north to grow them and even though we get cold winters and heavy frosts the just do not last long enough.

I am hoping that I will have them in early enough this year to get better results.

Last week during a break in the weather I had prepared the 2 raised beds behind the garage.

I dug in the last of the old sugar cane mulch and added cow manure, blood and bone and then topped it all off with a new layer of mulch.
The soil in these beds is really good after 2 years of nurturing it.    It started of as about 50% clay and now with all the organic matter we have added there are worms galore and they have broken down most of the clay so that we have lovely rich soil.
I am also having a last ditch effort at growing some beans and cucumbers.  But I may have left them a little too late.


  1. Here's hoping that my soil turns out just as good in a little while. Did you say rain? What's that? Its wet isnt it? LOL Today the heat spell will come to an end and we will drop to 29. WooHoo Life will continue. What i envy more that anything is your space. You can put a bed anywhere and as many as you want.

  2. we are on clay here too and once you manure it up and get it broken down i find most stuff grows much better on clay


  3. They are looking great...i have decided our soil needs a lot of work yet!A job for if the rain EVER stops!!


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