Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wood Expo

Last weekend I went to a local wood expo with some of my colleagues that I work with running our community festival in October.  The car show I manage is held in conjunction with a larger festival, the Kilcoy Wood Wine and Art Festival.  This year I am also working on the larger festival so my colleagues and I went to the wood expo scouting for new and interesting stall holders.
We saw some beautiful hand made furniture and homewares.
My friend Marg testing out a swing chair.
There were lots of instrument makers showing off their craft.  There was everything from violin makers to didgeridoos.
We also spent time listening to this duo who play and make cigar box guitars.  They were fantastic and we hope to have them at our festival.
There were timber milling demonstrations and even some beautifully made canoes and kayaks.
It was a great day out with lots to see try and buy.

We came away with lots of great contacts for new stall holders but are still thinking about other types of stalls we can invite.

What type of stalls do you look forward to seeing at festivals?


  1. I don't go to a lot of festivals but I would say I look forward to being informed and entertained. I know they need to make money but I am so over expo's that are basically big shops - it gets boring. I know in the food section there has to be someone selling hot corn - gosh they have turnover. At a car festival I guess you would also consider peripheral stalls like cleaners, accessories, car wash in parking area. I also think a successful festival has seating. So many time ive left because I was tired of walking and there was no where to sit.

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