Monday, 24 June 2013

The Garden Whip Around

I am waiting for most of my winter veggies to really take off and for my poor broccoli to recover from a white butterfly attack. Grrr I thought it had cooled off enough to be rid of them but I was wrong.

My beans are finishing up as are the last of the cucumbers.

My garlic is coming along and there are herbs galore.  I have managed to plant out successive rounds of fennel this year so that we have it reaching maturity over a few months instead of all at once..  It is the only vegetable I have managed to do this with as I am not very good at planting out just a couple of each variety.  I am a bit heavy handed in the seed sowing and then I cannot bear to not plant them on.
Do you plant successively?
We still have bananas for hubby to eat and my lemon tree is finally producing more than one lemon a year.

There is heaps of silverbeet as usual in fact I am growing enough to supply about 5 families.  I thought I was growing silver beet and English spinach for salads and sandwiches.  But no.  It is all silverbeet.

Oh well the chickens will be happy.

What's growing in your garden right now?


  1. Hi Fiona,

    My cabbage is starting to suffer the same fate as your broccoli; so I've bought some molasses and plan to make a spray with 1 tbs molasses, 1 tspn liquid soap and 1 ltr water. Apparently the caterpillars will hightail it when this is regularly applied. Can't hurt right?

    I enjoy your blog very much. Would like to have as much country as you do too.


  2. Darn caterpillars really set my brassicas back too - our unusually mild Autumn kept them going. After the 5th frost in a row they should be high tailing it now. Totally know where you're at with tossing out seedlings, who can bear it.

  3. Oh gosh that is so frustrating. I too am rather heavy handed with seeds. This weekend I yanked out my cucumbers and planted some more in another area, then sprinkled lots of lettuce seeds over one area. I find if I plant thickly I can harvest a few leaves everyday and then don't notice the ones the bugs get. Everywhere there was an empty spot I planted a seed. I have had lots of trouble with downy mildew this year.


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