Saturday, 26 October 2013

Back and Well Rested

I have been absent from this space for quite a while, not because I had nothing to say but because I had no time in which to say it.

Here is some of what I have been up to.

We  have continued with our renovating and one of our outside walls which is on the south side of the house and was in need of some love has now been fixed and painted.  We have also oiled the deck and are getting close to the end of "The List" (See my Side Bar).  Hooray!
The festival and car show that I was planning took over and became all consuming but was held last weekend so I have gained a lot of time back from that.
We had a weekend away camping at the beginning of October (pre car show and festival) where we were able to switch off, and just take some time to breathe.
Work has been sapping all of my brain power as I embark on a new project for my employer.
I has been hot hot hot and getting things done in the garden is exhausting.  I was planting out tomatoes last week at 6am and by 7am I was drenched in sweat and had to retreat inside.  Such is gardening in the sub tropics.
There has also been significant birthdays and reasons to celebrate over the last month including a 40th birthday and the announcement of a pregnancy.

So life has been busy and blogging just did not make the cut when it came to allocating time.
But today is a new day as they say.  In fact today is the first day of 3 weeks holiday for me and my Mum is arriving from NZ today.  She is here for a week and then I am heading back to NZ with her for 10 days to see the rest of my family and do some work on our property over there.

All in all I am looking forward to being back in my bloggers seat and having time to see what you have all been up to.  I fell like I have all these friendships that I have neglected and need to nurture, so I'm off to read some blogs.


  1. The good thing about real friends is that you can have time apart, sometimes years, and when you come back together its like you never left. Welcome back.

  2. Hi Fiona, I'm glad life is treating you well. Enjoy NZ and your visit with your mum!

  3. Always good to catch up Fiona. Lucky you heading off to NZ - enjoy!
    cheers Wendy

  4. People realize that sometimes living life really is more important than writing about it and it's understandable. It certainly sounds like you deserve a holiday after off of that and it will be nice to have your Mum around and another trip back home. Would love to see some photos from the vintage car show which you have been involved in when time permits. Enjoy your "me" time. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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