Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The New Girls

So yesterday I mentioned that we had gotten ourselves some extra hens so here they are.

"Did I say you could take my photo?"

"I can't hold this pose much longer"

"See I am much taller than you are"
 They are starting to settle in but there is still some division between the older hens and these new ones.  None of them have names yet and we are open to suggestions.  Your thoughts?

And our injured hen seems to be doing great.  She seems quite happy in her designer outfit and is showing no signs that anything is even wrong.

We gave her her second dose of antibiotics today and checked her wound to see how it was going since we had taken the dressing off.  It seems to be healing nicely and there is no sign of infection.  I have to go to Brisbane for a few days for work so I am glad that I will not have to be stressed about her.  I am not sure if feathers will ever grow back on the wound scar but it will be a while before we know.  Until then at least she has some sun protection from her new outfit.

Have you ever used chicken saddles?


  1. Your new girls look like they know their business. Glad to hear the patient is recovering and she looks gorgeous in her "pinny". Can I ask - do the straps go around her wings or legs? Can't quite make it out. Nice to see some green again after the rain isn't it?

    1. Hi Barb Yes it is nice to see everything greening up. The straps for the chicken saddle go around the wings and have a plastic dome clip to keep it on. I will update my post with where I got it from.

  2. Love seeing your new girls...I want to get some more but worried about how the older ones will accept them. Are you having any major problems? Love that little outfit...great idea and cute to of course!

    1. Hi Jodie We are not having any major dramas with the hens. The older ones are still hogging the food and will not let the others eat until hey are finished and they get a peck if they try and push in. But that is completely normal and should settle down. Just make sure you introduce a few at a time not one on her own otherwise she might get bullied.


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