Saturday, 28 December 2013

Day 1 At The Woodford Folk Festival

Day one and Hubby, my best friend Sandra and I headed off to the festival for a nearly 16 hours of festival activities.
It was hot and we prepared ourselves for the heat with hand held fans, water spray bottles and all manner of sun protection.
Here are just a few snapshots of our first day.

The children's festival is a festival within a festival.  Filled with all sorts
of fun things like circus skills and puppet shows.

There is plenty of entertainment on the street and the entire festival is a
cacophony of sights and sounds
 Some of the musicians we saw during the day were

Wes Carrs lastest offering - Buffalo Tales was a fantastic and I might even go and see him play again.

 A young lady by the name of Minnie Marks who had amazing guitar skills and a totally unique husky voice.

During the afternoon there was a thunderstorm and as we ducked for cover we ended up in a venue listening to a group from Brisbane called The Poachers who were really good and made an interesting change of pace.

Later in the afternoon we sat in on - Mulberry Bend who were great performers and really connected with the audience.

As the evening rolled in it was time to get our dancing shoes on and this time it was Busby Marou who got us up and dancing.  They are another group I would see again.

We tried not to have too late of a night as there are 5 days to go.  So it was home to bed only 10 mins down the road and a shower to was the dust off.

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