Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Lost Lorikeet and A Sick Chicken

This morning when I went out to let Jessie off from her kennel I could hear a very loud screeching from the hedge and when I looked under the plants I discovered a baby lorikeet.
I could tell it was young as it did not have a coloured beak and had not developed many tail feathers.  It could not fly and was trying to push through the hedge.
I had just take Jessie's coat off so I used that to cover the bird and pick it up.  I know from experince that lorikeets have very sharp beaks.
I called the local wildlife carer and she said I could drop it off with her as she already had 3 others she was looking after.  Apparently the Rainbow Lorikeets have breed earlier than normal for the last 2 years and this means that there is not a lot of nectar around for them to raise their young.  This means they end up kicking the babies out early because there is not enough food .

We also have a sick chicken on our hands.  I noticed that over the past week 'Squawky' was not coming to eat with the other chickens as was quiet and subdued.  I thought that maybe she had worms or mites so I dusted her and wormed all of the chickens but she did not want to eat so the worming mash missed her.
So last night I caught her and put her in our home made wire cage so I could check her out today.
When we have a sick chicken I like to isolate them give them a bit of TLC and see how they go.  They either get better or go to chicken heaven, we do not take $15 chickens to the vet not even if they are our favourite.
There did not seem to be any mites but she was very thin and lethargic.  I offered her some mashed boiled egg mixed with yogurt but she was not interested.
Today I got her out of her cage and gave her a thorough inspection.  Her vent was normal as was her comb and her eyes were still bright.  I felt her crop (where a chickens food collects) and it was not hard so I knew it was not an impacted crop.  But her crop was soft ans squishy and I could feel food in there when I massaged it.  This told me that her crop had not emptied overnight and even though she had not eaten there was still food in her crop.  So I did the sniff test as I suspected she might have sour crop and peww stink! Yep I think I found the problem.  Sour crop is a yeast infection in the crop and the if you massage the crop and smell the chickens breath it smells rotten.
So now that I know (pretty sure) what I am dealing with I can try and treat it.  I just hope that I have caught it in time.

I will keep her isolated for a few days and for the next 24 hours she will be on water only and I will be giving her crop a gentle massage a few times a day.  After that I will try and get her back onto an egg yogurt mix and see how things go.  I have seen suggestions to use and not use apple cider vinegar end even red wine but I think I will stay away from the acids and will instead add a pinch of bicarb soda to her water.

Do you have any experience with Sour Crop?  What have you tried or had success with?

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