Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Great Wardrobe Clear Out of 2014

Over the last 10 months I have been loosing weight slowly but surely and have so far lost over 30kg.  I won't go into all the ins and outs of it, but the excess weight was mainly due to a medical condition.  However when you add a office job and a love of cooking and eating it was a bad combination.
The medical condition has now been addressed through medical intervention and this along with a reduction in calories has facilitated the weight loss.  

This has resulted in my wardrobe getting a great big clean out.  So far I have cleared out over 70% of my clothes and I am looking at getting rid of more all the time.
Every week I go back to my wardrobe and review everything again as some clothes have been harder to get rid of than others.  Some items  that were hard to get rid of were clothes that were still in really good condition and others were items that I really liked.  For a while I was tried to convince myself that I would wear them again or would alter them.  I was kidding myself in 99% of cases.

At this stage I have now gotten rid of all of my winter clothes with the exception of a few woolen items that can be layered with other clothes.
I have also gotten rid of most of my summer clothes except for farm clothes as those do not matter if they are baggy and unflattering and just add a belt to pants that are too big and you are good to go.

I have not been replacing things except where absolutely necessary and I have made a decision to dramatically reduce the number of clothes I own moving forward.
I still have more clothes than I need and therefore I am going to just keep giving a few away every week to the Op shop until I feel that my wardrobe has slimmed down (excuse the pun) to a more minimal collection.

I must say I never thought I had that many clothes but once I started getting rid of some I realised I was wrong.  Perhaps I did not have many compared to a lot of people but I still had far more than what I actually need.

I am not sure how few clothes I can get away with but I am on my way to finding out.

Has anyone else dramatically scaled back their wardrobe?  
How many/few clothes do you own?


  1. Before I moved, 2 years ago, my husband and I both got rid of a large part of our wardrobes. For winter I have 4 pair of jeans, 10 mock neck shirts and a pair of black slacks for dress, a couple of sweaters and 3 blouses. Summer clothing has been pared down to a few pair of crop pants and an assortment of colored shirts. I have really come to love keeping things simple and I plan to keep it that way.
    Good for you for losing so much weight and putting yourself on the path of good health. I'm working on that too.

  2. Congratulations or losing weight and getting your health in check as you no doubt feel so much better. I recently got rid of a lot of my work corporate wardrobe that has been put away and while there were lots that were easy to donate there were some favourites that I have kept until I am comfortable about giving away. I know after 2 babies they don't fit me now and I am not in the corporate world so really it's pointless having them but it's okay to purge in stages when you are ready as well. Regards Kathy A , Brisbane

    1. Kathy there are items that I thought "oh I will keep that in case I need it again next winter" but the reality is it will not fit me so I have just had to face facts and get rid of them.

  3. Wow congratulations! That is where I have a problem too - thinking I will one day alter something or find something that goes with that wierd coloured skirt. Going through my clothes in on my list over the Christmas break.

    1. AA i am getting rid of all those odd pieces as well that either do not suit my shape or do not go with anything else.

  4. It's a great feeling to sort through clothes that no longer fit or suit your purpose....glad you've overcome the illness that was giving you weight'll feel like a new woman and getting rid of 70% of your clothes is fantastic... 30kg is a quite a few dress sizes...I see a couple of new outfits coming up for Christmas.

    1. Suzie I am hanging out as long as possible before buying new things. I have had to buy new shorts and underwear and have picked up a couple of shirts from the op shop but I am being very strict as I would still like to loose a bit more so am waiting till then. Plus I want to make very specific choices about how many items I own so I will have to think very carefully about each purchase.


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