Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Summer Storms Have Arrived

Yesterday we had the fist of our big summer storms.  I was in town at the time and Hubby called me to tell me to go to our friends place and wait it out as there were golf ball size hail stones falling from the sky.
Hubby forgot to take photos so this is what was left about an hour later.

We have lots of green tree frogs that live in our down pipes and the heavy rain that arrived before the hail washed them all out into the mesh inlets into the tanks.  Then it started hailing and they were apparently all getting battered by the hail before being buried in it.  Hubby donned his hard hat and climbed onto the tanks to rescue them, boy I wish I was there to see that.

We let them all go later that day and they all seemed to hop away ok so hopefully they will all survive.

I also discovered that one of our hens had gotten caught out in the storm.  I suspect it came in so quick she took refuge under a bush in their pen but it did not offer much cover from giant hail stones.  When I found her she was looking very bedraggled and a bit dopey like she had been hit on the head.  She was very cold and was standing there with her eyes closed.  So I took her inside and gave her a bit of a blow dry with my hair dryer.  Yes you heard right.
She did not seem to mind at all and just stood there while I fluffed her up again.  Had it been the morning I would have just let her dry out in the sun but it was 4.30 pm and I figured she was in shock (from the hail not the blow dry).  This morning she was back to her normal self so all is well.

Have you ever given your chickens a blow dry?

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  1. Great effort in rescuing the tree frogs, I think they go dark when they are lacking moisture.
    I have never had to blowdry a chook but did have to carry 3 tiny chicks on my boobs for the afternoon, under 3 layers of clothes when my then 3 year old had let them have a swim on the edge of the creek, lucky it was a very shallow sandstone outcrop.
    I have blown the motor in a hairdryer trying to dry a competition horse, if you float them damp, they arrive covered in sticky dust......not a good look.


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