Thursday, 6 October 2016

Vehicle Maintenece And Prep For New Zealand

We are taking our ute to NZ so in preparation Hubby did some basic cosmetic maintenance/repair work.  The ute has a steel tray that is powder coated for rust proofing however over the time we have had it the powder coating has come off in places through wear and tear leading to patches of surface rust.
If we were staying here in Australia we would probably not have worried too much as we would have likely changed the vehicle before it became a problem.  But with taking the vehicle to New Zealand which is a much wetter climate the rust would increase more rapidly and  we will not do such high kilometers so we will therefore keep the car longer.

It was only surface rust and there were no holes or anything like that so it was just a matter of Hubby grinding back the rust, applying rust converter and repainting.

This is after the rust has been ground off and scrubbed back and rust converter has been applied and left to dry.

Hubby then repainted the entire tray with undercoat/primer.

Then finally the entire tray was repainted.

The rest of the vehicle had no issues so we just need to worry about cleaning it before we move so this investment of our  Hubby's time and effort is worth it . Because the ute will be packed inside the same shipping container as all of our other belongings it only works out at about $3000 dollars to ship it which is much less than it's value.


  1. It's funny how all those jobs get done when they have to get selling a house...fixing all those little things that you've lived with for years. The ute looks fantastic.

    1. Yes Kathy it is always the things you put off doing until you have to. At least we get the benefit from this one.

  2. I am sure the little bit of effort and time will be worth it. Lucky you have a handy husband. Sue

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  4. Big job all this moving overseas. ...a fantastic outcome this ute at the hands of an "expert" :)
    Our daughter with her hubby and babe did it the other way. They too brought their vehicle with them.
    Alexa a simple life visiting from Sydney, Australia


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