Friday, 20 May 2011

Being Thankful For Wild Life Encounters Is On My Mind

I heard the squawking, and through the mist they came.
Three Red Tailed Black Cockatoos.
They come down from the hills and perch in the tree across the road to eat the berries.  It is a Red Cedar and since it has been fruiting these 3 have visited a few times.
The same thing happened last year but I have no idea if it is the same Cockatoos or different ones.
As the mist cleared I was able to get a bit closer and take a few more photos.
It is at times like these that I wish I had a super duper camera with a great big zoom lens on it.
Hubby and I have been talking about planting out some Red Cedar trees and when we do I will make sure that they are close to the house so that when the Cockatoos come, which not doubt they will, we will be able to enjoy watching them.
You can just make out the little yellow berries they are after
Then there are these guys, a pair of King Parrots.  They turn up from time to time and like to be fed sunflower seeds on our out door table.
For a while it was just the male turning up, then he brought another male with him and then it was his lady friend below.  They are pretty tame and you can get very close to them, normally I can sit and have a cuppa right beside them while they eat.
The male has the red head and the female has the green head
I am very thankful that I live in a place where I can see the beautiful wildlife this country has to offer and I plan to do my bit to make sure they are around for others to enjoy as well.


  1. OH What a special treat to be sure. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of these beautiful birds.

  2. Wow...what amazing photos! That's country life for sure. I get little Wren's and Bull Bulls in my backyard.

  3. You do live in a gorgeous little part of the world, Fiona! Lovely photos, even without a super duper camera with an awesome zoom lens that would require a sherpa to help you move it around!

    We have two silly little magpies who insist on bumping their heads on the kitchen window in an attempt to fly into our house and a couple of gorgeous parrots who nick the apples from the orchard

  4. Great pictures Fiona, we don't see the black ones much here.

  5. oh, what fun that you were there to "capture" these shots. Wish I'd had my camera at the ready when I just watched a squirrel stealing cherries (not even ripe yet) from the neighbor's tree!

  6. Such exotic birds you have there!

  7. Oh my you are blessed with birds!!! I am an avid birdwatcher, but cannot imagine parrots at my backyard feeders!!!! Amazing! Oh, one more reason I really must visit the more tropical locals of this great planet! (popped over from Rhonda's)

  8. That is so wonderful, to see such precious birds. I can hardly imagine what that must be like, living in Europe ; )
    They have such wonderful, vibrant colours and the black cockatoos look so big and impressive.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a lovely feeling! I enjoy that one daily as well. Lucky us!


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