Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cheap Toys for Pets

1 Cute Puppy + Strip of Bark from the fire wood pile = Hours of Fun

Yes I know I am bias but it was just too cute to share.  Until right at the end she had no idea she was in the middle of a photo shoot she was just totally engrossed in playing with the Bark.


  1. I love the look on Jessie´s face in the last photo. She looks surprised, shocked and wondering just how long you have been there with the camera.

    Don´t worry Jess, we love you!!!!!!

  2. Yep there was a moment of Oh my God am I in trouble?
    Once she realised she wasn't she proceeded to race around the yard with her bark showing off.

  3. Adorable. Looks like SOMEONE had fun.

  4. Great photos Fiona! Love that 'guilt' moment look at the end. She is just lovely.

    Oh BTW - do you have a photo of your Banty? cheers Wendy

  5. aw - does look like fun! Just thought I would pop by and say thanks for your comment on my water post. I have amended my post as buying water in a bottle is something I detest to such a degree that it never occured to me to make it clear that I was referring to drinking water from a reusable stainless steel drinking bottle! Thanks so much for making me realise that peole might think that is what I meant! arg! that would be terrible on so many levels!

  6. What a cutiepie!! Has she discovered toilet rolls yet?


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