Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Bit More Preserving

Well I have been trying my hand at using my Fowler's Preserving kit again this time to use up the cherry tomato's that seem to be everywhere and a few of the imperfect larger tomato's as well.
I cooked the tomato's with a couple of diced onions and a bit of garlic and have bottled it up to replace the tinned crushed tomato's that I would normally buy from the supermarket.  I seem to be getting the hang of it all but still might invest in the latest version of the Fowler's book as the one I have is from the 1950's when my preserving kit was made.

I also made up some Lime Cordial.  This is my mums recipe and even though the recipe calls for a lot of sugar it is a concentrate so you only need a small amount in the bottom of a glass.

Home Made Lemon or Lime Cordial

Juice and Zest of 8 large lemons or 12 Limes
3c Sugar
6c Boiling water
4tsp Tartaric Acid
4tsp Citric Acid
4tsp Epsom Salts

Add zest and juice to a bowl large enough to hold all ingredients.  Add sugar, acids and salt then pour over boiling water and stir till dissolved.
Pour into sterilised bottles and cap.

I just corked my bottles and stored in the dark pantry and they have not gone off before we use them, but I am not sure how long it actually was.  Next time I make it I will date to bottles so that I know but I do remember mum having them in the pantry for months.

And finally I picked up these 2 baskets for $3 each a while ago and they have now been washed and are ready to go.  I am going to make a lining for the lidded one so that I can store all of my crocheting things in there and the other one will be used for collecting produce from the veggie patch.
I seem to have a few baskets around the house, nana baskets Hubby calls them and I find them usefull for so many things.  Is it just me or are you a basket lover too?


  1. Hi Fiona! I would love a Fowlers Preserving Kit. A friend was throwing one out for the hard rubbish collection and was sorely tempted. However HH pinned my arms behind my back as we were not in collecting mode at the time and lived in a very small shed while we were building our house. I still regret not snapping it up.

    Your canned tomatoes look brilliant! (SO does the your lemon cordial) I WILL CAN TOMATOES NEXT SEASON. We use them on almost a daily basis and buying tinned is simply not the same as cracking open a jar of the home made tomatoes.

  2. You are definitely getting the hang of this preserving thing i would say!!!
    I love baskets too...and can't seem to stop myself buying them at the op shop...have started buying little ones for the twins now and they love them too for all their 'special' things and carting around the house. I found a whole heap for 50cents the other day...bargain!
    Covering the lidded one sounds like a nice idea!

  3. I love love love baskets! i have them for potpourri, drying herbs, picking veges, serving fresh bread and muffins and storing crafts!

  4. You're really coming along with your preserving! The lemon cordial sounds delicious..one day hopefully we'll have enough lemons to try this out.

    I think in my fowlers book it says you can process the corked bottles if you're worried about the storage of them..the corks just need to be tied down while in the hot water, and then sealed in wax afterwards.

    And those nana baskets - what a find! The lidded one will be so sweet with a little liner inside..perfect for all your crafty goodies! :)


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