Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet

It has again been very wet in our part of the world with over 150ml in 48 hours at our place and much more up in the ranges above us.
On Saturday morning we woke to find ourselves again cut off with torrents of water crossing roads and creeks in flood.
For us this is not uncommon and generally the waters have receded within a few hours or a few days.
I wanted to go to craft classes on Saturday afternoon (these things are important you know) so Hubby and I took a bit of a drive to see what conditions were like.

There were intersections with minor flooding...
 Roads with major flooding...
And paddocks turned into inland seas...
Then we came across signs of just how high the water had been, and a very helpful farmer clearing the road so residents could get out.

In the end the water dropped off in time for me to go to craft and I spent a rainy afternoon chilling out doing some scrap booking with good company and a few cups of tea.  A perfect wet afternoon.


  1. our grass has grown another foot.... this rain was just in time to set us up for winter.

  2. We are experiencing the same thing here. School bus was cut off yesterday and this afternoon its 4wd only.

  3. I wouldn't mind just a little bit of your rain...just a bit mind you! We were flooded in 6 times last year even with a four wheel drive fitted with a snorkel. It can be too dangerous fjording sometimes. I gave up when the water was rushing over the bonnet of my hilux.

    Take care and keep crafty!

  4. Looks like fun getting to your class Fiona. On the plus side ..... just look how green everything is!!


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