Friday, 12 October 2012

Busy Times Ahead

This Sunday is the day when it all happens.  The Classic Car Show that I am the Event Direct for, The Kilcoy Classics on Wheels, is on.

I mentioned the car show way back here when we were getting ready to run the first one.  Last year was a great day and was quite successful.  This year will be bigger and better.  We learnt a lot from last year and have made a few changes and had a lot of great responses from car enthusiasts.
So much work has gone into it and before Sunday there is still quite a list of things to do.  So with that in mind I will be taking a small break from blogging and will be back next week to report back on how it all went.
In the meantime here is a photo from my front garden beside the driveway.


  1. Don't you just love hippeastrums this time of year. Yours are lovely Fiona.
    Hope the car show goes well, look forward to hearing all about it. cheers Wendy

  2. Your hippeastrums are lovely.

  3. The Car show will be a great success and a good chance for the community to get together.


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