Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gooseberry Questions

At the start of the year I was given a Cape Gooseberry plant and I noticed today that many of the little berries in their dry pods had started dropping of the bush.  So I decided that I would pick up the fallen ones and pick the others that were ready.

The thing is that I do not really know what to do with them.  Can I freeze them till more are ready?
Do you have any suggestions?  What would you do with them?


  1. They are tasty as fresh fruit, you can make tarts and fools out of them and they are great in Mexican cookery as a sort of pseudo tomatillo (their cousin) substitute here in Australia. One thing to will NEVER be short of them as they grow exponentially :) My chooks adore them and spread them everywhere around our property. You can also Google them as physalis which might give you some more results :)

  2. Oh I would die for some fresh gooseberries - they certainly wouldn't last long enough in our house! they certainly make a lovely jam - I remember it from my young days..

  3. Oooh Lucky You Fiona! What a great result I'd say. We don't produce many at all, don't know why. Just eat them raw, or they're nice slightly poached in sugar syrup. Enjoy.


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