Monday, 22 October 2012

Classic Car Show Success

Well it is all over for another year and I have had a chance to relax and reflect following this years event.  I have learnt a lot more about managing an event and about myself as well.  And I am really glad I took two days off following the event because not only did I need the time to unwind, but there were press releases to write and send, certificates of appreciation to make and surveys to send out.

The second annual Kilcoy Classics on Wheels, held on 14 October 2012 proved to be a hit with the motoring enthusiasts and public alike.  There was a turn out of over 100 cars and motorbikes more than double last year’s event.  We hope to grow the number of entrants further each year, although there will be a limit to the number we can manage.  With the beautiful weather the public had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some beautiful old cars and bikes.  The event is a fundraising event run by a team of volunteers that I lead and proceeds from this year’s event will go towards the local chaplaincy.

This year saw a number of clubs come along with large numbers and there was some stiff competition for the “Best Club Participation” trophy.  We are really aiming for the event to be about a fun social day out not a strict show with concourse standards. 
One of our judges was our Mayor Graeme Lehmann who has been involved in motor sports for many years.  He and our other judge were kept busy judging the entries.  The public were also encouraged to participate and vote for their favourites.  

Planning is already under way for next year’s event where it is hoped there will be over 200 cars.  But until then here are some snaps from the day taken by my best friend Sandra who kindly volunteered on the day.


  1. Sounds like all the planning paid off. Great pics by the way. Well done, now have a well earned cuppa.

  2. Looks like a great day, well done!

  3. It is so cool that a lot of people are starting to love classic cars. I am a big fan myself, I hope to see a lot more people organizing shows for these classics because they are so entertaining and you would get to know a lot about a model’s history.

  4. I will really attend the next car show. I can tell it will really be fun, I mean, I saw cars that come from the late 1800s and the early 1900s. People who enjoy automotive history will really be there to see a car like that. My son who's interested in cars just like me, would love to see all the different cars and learn whatever there is. I can't wait for the next car show!

  5. You gotta admire the owners of these cars because they really spend time and money in restoring their beloved classics. They were really determined to make these vintage cars to be magnificent in their own unique way.

  6. Wow, you showcased lovely vehicles! Classic car shows, for me, are unique because they never grow out of fashion. This means that you can have people from different generations gathering together and have a good time. Hope you will be more successful next year!

  7. Congratulations on the success of your fundraising event! It’s impressive your event accumulated a hundred car and motorbike owners to showcase their vintage vehicles to the public. The owners must be proud of their masterpieces too! Preserving those vintage cars to look their best after years and years requires effort and time.

    Naomi Champy


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