Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Sea Of Grass

I know many people out there are just praying for some rain but here we are praying the rain will stop.  To give you an idea of how wet it has been since the start of the year (65 days) we have had 47 inches/770mls of rain.  And most of that fell since January 24th (the last 41 days).
All that rain combined with the warm summer temperatures has meant the grass has gone crazy.

In the paddock the cows are up to their chests in grass.
The grass is thick and lush.  When the win blows and the sun is shinning it is like a sea of green with waves moving across the land.
 And our lawn that was mowed 10 days ago during a break in the weather is threatening to swallow up the pets.  The toys are long gone which should make mowing interesting on the weekend (if it is fine enough).

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  1. It is beautiful though, isnt it. I'd rather look at that than brown dust.


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