Sunday, 17 March 2013

Garlic Dilemas

I have not had a lot of success with last years garlic.  But I am not really sure why.
The year before I got a lot of large bulbs and they lasted really well.

Last year I planted out some of the good ones I had grown the year before and I got only small bulbs.  They are still really tasty and pack a punch compared to their supermarket counterparts.

And now I am finding that many of the bulbs have gone soft and the individual cloves have become dry and hollow.  I am not sure if our long dry spell has anything to do with it but thankfully it has nor affected all of them.  I will not have enough to last me till this years are ready so I think I will buy some new stock and see if I have better results.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips?


  1. Could it be the long dry spell and then all the rain we have had? I didn't even get my crop of garlic in this year so yours look great to me!

  2. Fiona, hop onto Greening of Gavin as i know he had a bad crop last year but a good one this year.

    I havent grown any myself yet.

  3. Hard to say what the problem is without some more info. How did you prepare the bed ie what nutrients did you add before planting? what crop was in the bed before the garlic? Was it watered regularly? was there a dry spell?


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