Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hanging My Garlic For Storage

Following my post the other day Cheryl asked about the hanging rack I use.  Well it is nothing special just a portable clothes rack we got from Ikea many years ago before we purchased some freestanding wardrobes.
It is currently set up out in the laundry and we use it for hanging coats and hats on as well as the garlic.

The hanging rack

I then take a each of the garlic bulbs and tie them to the rack one by one.

You just keep tying them off and I posted about this back in 2011 when I had a bumper harvest and you can read about it here where there are more photos.

This year I harvested my garlic a bit late and a lot of the stalks had dried out and I was not able to tie them off individually so instead tied them together with kitchen twine and then tied them to the rack in bunches.

There were also a few bulbs that lost their stalks entirely and these ones will be the ones I use up first.

The bulbs that lost their stalks were also the ones that had lost a lot of the outside layers of papery skin.  This means that by the time you have brushed off all the dirt there is not much skin left on them hence these need to be in the first group to be used up.

I will not be planting garlic next year as since we will not be staying here I will use the garden space for something else.  This also means I can eat all of my home grown garlic and not have to think about having some left for replanting.

How do you store your garlic?


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