Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Garden Whip Around

Even though we are selling up and moving on there are still jobs that need doing.

Last weekend I tackled our arrowroot hedge.  It stretches across the back boundary of our house yard (which includes the orchard and chicken pens) and creates a bit of a windbreak for our chickens.  It has been looking really ratty and so it needed to be pruned back to the ground.  I started off doing the small section (about 4 metres) but by the end of it my hand was pretty sore from wielding the secateurs.

My efforts

Hubby came to the rescue then and did the big section (about 15 metres) with a chainsaw which took him less time to do than my small section by hand.

Hubby making it look easy

All Done (sorry chickens it will be a bit breezy for a while)

All the arrowroot prunings will make great compost when it rots down.

The new owners are going to get a great crop of dragon fruit next year as our plant has put on so many new shoots and every year our crop gets better and better.

This empty garden bed is ready to plant my potatoes into.  We might not be here to eat them but I have to take the risk.  I will probably plant some in pots to take with us just in case.

This bed has an old zuchini some kale, parsley, fennel, dill, spring onions and nasturtiums.  Nothing too exciting but enough to keep the two of us in veg and herbs when combined with the rest of the garden.

These garden beds are a bit of a disgrace but among the weeds there are self seeded lettuce, silverbeet, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and herbs.

We have lots of lemons, the flood of tahitian limes is nearly over with lots stored in the fridge, and the blood oranges are loving the cold weather (this is what develops the red colour). 

Our crazy mulberry thinks it is time to fruit... I think it is a bit cold yet but maybe nature knows best.

This is my asparagus bed just waiting for a new layer of compost and mulch.  Hopefully we will get a good crop before we move.

So what going on in your garden?


  1. Everything looks fantastic. My garden is suffering from high temperatures and no rain. The rainwater is used up and I am so praying for rain. We did eat our first melon today however. That was a treat!

  2. At least you are still able to enjoy the veggie gardens.....while you await for a buyer.

  3. I do hope you can enjoy most of your veggies before you leave, you have obviously put a huge amount of love & effort in to the place.


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