Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Using Up Left Over Roast

With our freezers full of beef we have quite a few different types of roasts including topside, rolled brisket, blade and rump.  Regardless of what type of roast you cook you are often left with a few bits and pieces that are not really a tasty appealing looking meal in themselves, a bit of over cooked meat, some gravy and a few odd veggies.   So what do you do with these roast odds and ends?

I think the best ways to use up these odds and ends is to make a pie filling.  To do this  I dice and remaining meat and veggies and set aside then I take the left over gravy and re-heat it in a saucepan. If there is not a lot of gravy I add some beef stock to the pot and then more cornflour to thicken it, Finally I add in all of the chopped up meat and veggies often some frozen peas and herbs like parsley and thyme.  I stir it all together and either use it straight away or freeze for later use.
You then have the option of making a pie at the drop of a hat topped with pastry, mashed potato/sweet potato/pumpkin, a crumble topping (try this one it is really tasty) or even dumplings.

This can be applied to any type of roast and is a really frugal meal option.

How do you use up left over bits from a roast?

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