Thursday, 14 January 2016

Everything At The Kitchen Sink - Link Up

My friend Liz from Eight Acres was visiting the other day and she commented on my kitchen sink set up and suggested it would be a interesting topic for a post and I agreed.  Everyone has their own little set up that works for them, their routine and family make up and I think it gives us a glimpse into the way other people live and maybe we will all pick up some tips along the way so feel free to link back to here at the bottom of the post

In our rental property our sink backs onto the dinning area and has no splash back but quite a wide bit of bench.  We have 2 sinks but only one draining area (2 - one each side would be more practical)
At my kitchen sink you will always find a cotton dish cloth (mostly hand made knitted or crocheted) and these are changed ever 2 or three days to ensure they are not bacteria spreaders.

I like having things at hand  (and not having to dig into a cupboard to get things especially when you have grubby kitchen hands) but not looking too messy so I have a few vintage cups and a long oblong plastic dish that cost me $2 holding all the bits and pieces together in one place and keeping them tidy.
The oblong dish holds home made soap, scrubbing brushes (one for the kitchen and one for veggies). the plug and dishwashing liquid.  I have an vintage milkshake glass with dish brushes and bottle brushes, an old mug with a scourer and steel wool and a vintage coffee glass of pegs.
I try and use mainly timber and natural bristle brushes but I do have one plastic dish brush that I use specifically for greasy dishes and then it goes in the dishwasher.  The pegs get used instead of twist ties as they last much longer when your are in and out of the bag all the time, unlike bread bag ties they do not make holes in the bag, if they get grubby they can be washed  and they can go in the freezer and function from frozen without breaking.

We use our home made soap in the bathrooms and at the kitchen sink.  It is important to be able to wash you hands at the sink between handling different ingredients so you do not cross contaminate your food.  Our soap sits on a home made soap rack that Hubby made.  It is just a piece if timber with some old screws screwed in part of the way so that there is good air circulation and the soap does not turn to mush.

The only other cleaning products that we use in the kitchen are the home made cream cleanser and citrus vinegar.  I use these on the kitchen sink about every second day giving the stainless steel a rub down with the cream cleanser followed by a spray of the citrus vinegar leaving it to fizz a little then a good rinse.

So what does your kitchen sink look like?
What products and systems do you use?


  1. I didn't even notice the pegs! Great set up Fee, we just have everything in a mess, I need to look for some containers at the op shop and request a soap holder, we have plenty of old screws lying around...

  2. See we are not crazy. Everyone who comes you my home wants to know what the pegs in the kitchen are for. I use them to seal everything. So im not the only one, see!

  3. PS. your kitchen is way too clean!

  4. I love that soap holder!!! I need a soap holder for my bathroom vanity so I'll have to go find me a little timber offcut and some screws to make one. Would be an easy project for a child to make too...something practical, recycling materials and handmade:) p.s. I agree with Lynda're kitchen is way too clean. Mine is always in a state of flux with some mixture baking and another mixture in the bowl and the washing up piling up all around:)

  5. Love the home made soap holder...that's a Aussie Classic I'd say. Not sure why you are getting an error message when you comment on my blog as your comments are showing....thanks for letting me know anyway. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  6. I still haven't got a kitchen sink and I am currently using a round plastic tub in the laundry trough. I have to be particularly freaky clean and bleachy crazy because of all the use the trough gets, especially the scrubbing of the shearing gear! I have the top of a small cupboard for a draining area and found a long tray and wire draining rack at the tip shop. It's been six months and I have decided I can cope with no cupboards or oven but boy am I looking forward to a sink!


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