Monday, 25 January 2016

For The Love Of Reading - Another Visit To The Bookfest

Well it was a very successful visit to the Lifeline Bookfest this year.

I managed to pick up 13 fiction books, 12 cook books, 2 reference books and 5 text books.

One of the text books alone was $2.50 and new it is $105, and the others were no more than $10 an they each sell for nearly $100.
Another book "Holistic Management" by Allan Savoury was $7 and I paid $39 for my copy but I knew I could resell it if my friend Liz from Eight Acres did not want it as it is brand new.  She did want it and I am sure she will put it to good use on their farm.

My brother in law and sister in law are having dramas getting my nephew to eat veggies and I found Jessica Seinfelds book "Deceptively Delicious" which I hope it helps them as she has all sorts of ways to hide veggies in food.  The book is not just about cooking and has some great tips for meal times and dealing with the general fussiness of kids.  
One section I really liked was "Saying no artfully" : Saying no teaches children that the world is full of necessary limits and it builds a trusting relationship between you and your child.  When my children complain that their friends get to eat things that I consider junk I try to answer honestly but firmly and sympathetically eg I see that you are disappointing about the cereal in our house, but eating cereal that is full of sugar is not good for your teeth or your body.  
My rules are 1. Try not to be ambivalent or apologetic about your rules, 2.  Always explain your reasons 3. Point out that all families are different and have different rules, some rules make kids sad, some make kids happy but they are made to keep kids safe and healthy 4. Empathize with their feelings but don't give in, this reassures them and confirms your credibility and consistency.
I think that these rules could be adapted by many of us when explaining our own food and life style choices to others who seem less than understanding or accepting.

My book haul from this year

I love reading and I get through at least one book a week plus a few magazines (non gossip ones such as food, travel, gardening, environmental, science and national geographic).  This is quite a lot of reading (when I am studying this amount normally halves) but this is the way I fit it in.

Every weekday I start my day reading.  I get up at about 5am  and I make a cup of tea, let Jessie inside and go back to bed with a book where Jessie joins me.  I then read for an hour or so before I get up do some house work and have breakfast with more reading before starting work (I work from home).  I also take time during the day to read like when I sit outside throwing toys for Jessie or having a cup of tea and when having lunch.  Hubby and I go for a walk with Jessie most evenings before dinner then since we do not watch that much TVso I read and then I read in bed again at night. 
On the weekends we go bike riding or walking in the mornings instead of the evenings but then I find other opportunities to read as I have so much time now that we are not on the farm.  
I also take a book with me where ever we go and make to most of any moment that comes up.

I know all this reading will not last though as university starts again soon and there are big plans in the wind and the cogs are in motion (albeit moving slowly) for our move to New Zealand.  I also need to spend more time in this space as I have really missed it.

Are you a veracious reader like me?
How do you fit it into your day?


  1. I love to read and fit it in whenever possible. I tend to find the time when my son is at school and again in the evening just before I go to sleep. I find that I will read some things over and over; finding new information and ideas each time. Lucky you on such a great haul of books!

    1. I'm like you Ellen there are some books I have read a few times.

  2. Great haul. Looking fwd to reading holistic management :) thx again. See you soon...


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