Monday, 25 July 2016

Daylesford - Our Last Two Days

The week in Daylesford was so good and ended up on a high.

Friday saw us take a day trip to to Trentham to visit friends of Hubby's parents who Hubby worked for after leaving school.  On the way we called in at Red Beard Historic Bakery which is an amazing sourdough bakery.  We picked up some bread rolls for lunch the next day and a fruit loaf for toast each morning.  It was a cold and rainy day so prefect for visiting friends and staying warm by the fire.  We had a lovely long lunch of local meats, cheeses, bread, pickles and pate (not for me sadly as it is one of the foods off the pregnancy list).  It was late by the time we got back but a piece of the delicious fruit toast with butter was all that was needed for dinner so it was no issue.

One of my friends who I went to high school with and have not seen since 1996 now lives in Australia too.  She drives trucks for a living, saw my facebook post about where we were and let me know she could come and visit on her way to her new job for a different transport company.  As it was a weekend Daylesford was pretty booked out but I was able to arrange a cabin for her at the same campground we were staying out which was great and the owners let me pick up the key before she arrived and go and turn the heater on as it was only 4 degrees at 5pm.  After getting her settled in we all went out for dinner and Hubby patiently let the two of us reminisce all night talking about people we went to school with and what we have all been doing since we left.  It was a late night for all of us as we knew we all had to pack up and head off at about 9 the next morning.  But it was so worth it.

Yep both looking a little tired after a big night of talking
Daylesford and the surrounding towns are really worth a visit and as we found you can easily fill a week in this little part of the world.

Having spent a week here we decided not to push our luck and head down to South Australia which is disappointing but you cannot do it all.  From Daylesford we head north to Mildura, then Menindee and  Broken Hill.  After that we head back east to Bourke, Burren Junction, Uralla then home sometime around the 7th of August.  We need to be home for appointments on the 11th but other than that we can be a little flexible.

Not sure when I will have coverage again but will post when I can.

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