Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Channon, Nimbin, Coopernook, The Wattagens, Moss Vale and Wagga Wagga

We set off on this trip know it would be cold and that at the end of the day we would do what we could, what I felt up to doing and if it all get too much we would just turn around and head for home.
Just over a week in and so far so good, we are all travelling well and other than a few cold nights for which we were prepared with lots of thermals and warm clothes we have been happy with our trip.

Our first stop was The Channon where we were camped adjacent to where they hold the markets which made it very convenient and we picked up a few goodies.

We also got up close and personal with a local Koala who came down from her tree with a joey in her pouch and ran through our campsite.  We think the smell of our campfire might have made her think there was a bush fire.  Sadly no pictures of her joey.

We spent an afternoon at Nimbin wandering around and having lunch before visiting their candle factory.

All the wax down the front of the vats was really very pretty.

We also did a bush walk out around the Rocky Creek Dam.

From there we headed south to Coopernook which was just a planned rest stop for a few days to sity around read and crochet.  On the way though we got stuck in a huge traffic jam as a result of an accident on the highway.  We were 15 km back on a single lane section of the highway from the site of the accident and spent an hour at a stand still and there was another 15  km of traffic behind us on a double lane section of the high way.  We ended up setting up in the dark but thankfully we can do that pretty quickly.

After two days of rest we set out for the Wattagens just north of Sydney.  We knew this would just be a sleeping spot for us as we had family to visit in the area.  After a day spent with Hubbys family we packed up again and this time headed to the Balangalo State forest just south of Sydney.  On the way we called in a say my Great Aunt who has knitted a cute little outfit for Peanut when he is about 1.  It is quite an Aussie little outfit for him to wear in New Zealand.

After lunch with my Great Aunt we headed south to set up camp and it was freezing, quite literally. In the morning it was -4 and everything was covered in frost.  It had warmed up to -2 by the time we had breakfast and were packing up.  Time to move on to Wagga Wagga.

While at Wagga Wagga we had wonderful weather and spent a couple of days visiting The Thirsty Crow a Micro Brewery and the Junee Licorice and Chocolate factory which produces all organic products and was well worth the visit and we had a delicious Organic Lamb burger for lunch.

We are now down in Daylesford Victoria where we are spending nearly a week in a cabin relaxing and it looks like good time as there is rain on the way.  We might stay a bit longer and do some day trips further a field instead of heading for South Australia but at this stage have not decided.

Hope you are all well and warm especially if you are in the southern part of Australia like us.


  1. That certainly sounds cold to me....Daylesford cabin sounds fantastic....I highly recommend going on Puffing Billy in the Dandenong Ranges....don't think you can take the dog on board though you would have to check. It's where you sit on the side of the train with your feet out it's wonderful...if not little places like Olinda etc. a bit like Maleny on a small scale. Kathy

    1. It was but hey we are tough and we are not likely to do it again.

  2. It's 25C up here in Brissy today, Fiona!! Sounds like you are having a great trip and how lovely to catch up with relatives and friends.

    1. It was great and I am glad we are back in the warmth now.

  3. That outfit is so cute!! Did you have any trouble finding camping spots that were dog friendly?

    1. Shangri La NSW and VIC have lots of places to camp with pets and quite a few are free. We have a book "Bush Camping With Dogs" but you can also go to the WikiCamps Ap or the find a camp website both are helpful.

  4. That outfit is so cute!! Did you have any trouble finding camping spots that were dog friendly?


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