Thursday, 7 July 2016

Planning Our Move To New Zealand - The Car

The second part of the moving story is about one of our cars.

The first thing we did was make contact with 4 different companies who we could potentially use to move our things.  To start with all we asked was for a price on a 40 ft shipping container going to Wellington New Zealand.  We then continued to ask questions of the 2 companies who provided the best service as at first glance most of the prices seemed to be similar.  We then organised for both of the companies to come and give us a full quote by actually looking at our possessions to make sure what we were planning on taking was going to fit along with our car.

When it comes to the car it actually only works out at about $2000 - $3000 extra to take the car as well as our gear however even with our car (2008 Toyota Hilux Twin Cab 4WD diesel) there are a few things we had to consider and investigate before booking.

First we had to make sure we were allowed to import it as you cannot just import any old car.  We then had to contact the New Zealand vehicle compliance department who requested the VIN number from the compliance plate of the vehicle.  They then checked if it meet the emissions standards and frontal impact standards.  Even though our car is less than 10 years old it does not meet the emissions standards.  However we can get an exemption for this aspect as we have owned the car since new and we are not allowed to sell it within the first 2 years of importation.
Other things we had to consider is if we would have to pay GST (15% in New Zealand) on the market value of the vehicle plus the import duties.  As I am a kiwi and Hubby as an Australian who is therefore eligible to reside in New Zealand as a resident, we will be able to get an exemption.
On arrival the vehicle will be off loaded and undergo an under-body structural and cleanliness inspection (we will have the car steam cleaned underneath before it is packed) at the removal companies depot which was a deciding factor when we chose a removal company as the other company had to have it transported to another location which adds additional costs.  Then it will be transported to a compliance center for a further inspection and any mechanical repairs to obtain a road worthy certificate (known as a warrant of fitness in New Zealand).  Once this is done we are all done and can drive it home.

We did weigh up selling the car and buying again once in New Zealand but since we have had it from new, own it out right, have looked after it and had it regularly serviced we could not see the benefit. Plus we could end up buying someone else's lemon of a car which might cost more in the long run.

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  1. I didn't realise there would be so much to do before your big move. It will all be worth in the end I suppose.


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