Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Welcome Visitors

On Sunday I had the pleasure of my brother, sister in law and niece come to visit.
We got to spend a good 6 hours together having lunch and also a quick trip to the park.

What makes the visit so special is that they are visiting from NZ and are here on a holiday booked at the last minute with some of their friends.
All of my family live in NZ and I miss being able to see them on a regular basis.  Especially since I now have a niece and nephew (well the son of my cousin who is like my sister since our mums are twins) and my 3 remaining grandparents who are in their mid 80's.

We had a lovely time catching up and it was great to see them again after only a few months (were recently visited in July).  And what is extra special is that we will be seeing them all again at Christmas when we head back to NZ, yes again. 
I am really looking forward to our December trip as it is 8 years since I spent Christmas with my family plus my other brother will also be back from Malaysia where he has been working since earlier this year (we did not get to see him in July).
My Sister in law is also pregnant with baby number 2 (due early March) so getting to see them more often also means we get to share that with them.
Although it was only a few hours that we shared we value them all the more because of the time between visits. 
And hopefully as the kids grow up they might even be able to come and stay on their own, at least that's what my brother keeps hinting at " you better be good so you can come and stay with Auntie Fi for a month".  My niece is only 15 months so I am pretty sure it is not on the cards just yet but when it is we will be happy to have them.

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  1. oh it is so hard having family in different places. my partner has family in wa and mine is in sa so we spend way too much time and bad green miles making it all work. much better to marry in the next village!


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