Friday, 28 October 2011

Up the Garden Path

Hubby had the day off work today and managed to get a couple of great little jobs done around the house.

The first not so little job that he got done was to extend the path through the shade house.  For some unknown reason the path finished about two thirds of the way through the shade house and just turned into a dirt path.  This was rather impractical as it is the end where I have my potting bench, and when there has been rain I find myself standing in a muddy hollow and churning it into quite a sloppy mess as I move side to side.
During our two years hear we have collected pavers from around the property.  We have found them in sheds, under the house, in gardens and buried in the ground.  As they have turned up we have washed them off and stacked them against the shed know one day we would have a use for them.

Well the time has come to put them to use.  Hubby came up with a plan to use the different shaped pavers to make a slightly curved path that joined the existing one.
I think he has done a top job and I especially love the way he use a paver with the corner broken off to transition to a slightly wider path.

The path extension
Hubby also found time to raise the garden bed where I wanted to plant Rhubarb.  I lost the last lot of Rhubarb I had here due to drainage issues with all the rain we got last summer.  So I removed the snow peas from the bed a few weeks ago knowing that I wanted to plant the Rhubarb here.  Hopefully I will have better luck this year.
The rest of the day was spent packing the trailer and getting a few jobs done as we are going away camping for the weekend.  I will report back about that next week. 


  1. Have a great holiday! Isn't it great having a useful man in the garden!

  2. The path looks great, lovely to use found items rather than buying new :)


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