Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sourdough Sucess

Houston we have lift off!!!!

Following the trials and problems with Sourdough (read about it here) I reached out for help and advice.
A big thank you to all those who offered advice, feedback and put in their two cents worth.

In the end though it came down to one thing. The starter.  Mine was not strong enough apparently, but a kind a generous soul out there heard my cries for help and offered to send me some of their starter.  A huge thank you to you.

So how did my first loaf turn out?
I can sum it up in one simple word, delicious! 
It was light and fluffy, with a thin chewy crust and a some what sweet flavour (that would be the Tbs golden syrup I added) and sour but not too sour.

Ok so I couldn't sum it up in one word after all.

We are not huge bread eaters, but we go through stages where we eat more that at other times and when we do eat it it is usually at breakfast.  So once I think I have got the basic white loaf sorted and perfected I will be trying my luck with wholegrain breads.

So where to from here? Well as they say "the only way is up".  And this definitely applies to bread.


  1. wow, good work! I'll get to trying this one day. Love the new banner :)

  2. Oh this is just fabulous! Well done. Sourdough bread is still a bit of a mystery to me, and yours look amazing! Congratulations and can't wait to see you going up from here :)

  3. Liz, thanks now that I have the know how I will be able to work on my banners on a more regular basis.
    Ali, I will no doubt be posting on my ongoing sourdough experiments so stay tuned.

  4. Fi... uncle makes the most amazing sourdough and the bugger won't share his starter with me! How rude is he! Dad was going well with his for a while...then they went overseas and they came back to a VERY rotten smelling kitchen...note to self: do not leave started unattended in pantry for six weeks...

  5. that should say 'my' uncle...


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