Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Horror Week

I have been absent from my blog this week due to an awful incident that happened on Sunday night.
I won't go into details but I was basically attacked on a personal level by a member of the community at a group meeting.  The attack was, as confirmed by those who were there to witness it, unjustified and inappropriate.
It has however been extremely upsetting none the less so I am giving myself permission to take some me time and will see you all in a few days.


  1. Oh I am so sorry, just be true to yourself. You know what is in your heart, and from what I know of you through your blog, it is full of goodness. There are always going to be unkind people, just make sure they brush the surface -don't let them get under your skin!

  2. Thanks AA. I am sure I will learn something from this episode.

  3. *major hugs* How horrible. Thinking of you :(

  4. Oh Fiona, this doesn't sound good! Hope you are ok and things settle down. Mel x

  5. Thanks all. I came accress Mother Theresa's "Words to live by" and it seemed fitting to add them too my blog.

  6. Fiona, sorry to hear that. It can really pull the rug out from under you when that happens. It is good to know that you have the support of others who were there.
    Thinking of you. : )


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