Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man is...

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man is... sitting on the couch watching M.A.S.H on DVD.
Hubby has had the last week off work due to the rain and has slowly but surely been working his way through the box set he got for Christmas last year.  He is now under strict instruction that the theme music must be muted, after about 17 or more episodes I am sure you can imagine why.
We have had a lot of rain more than 200ml in the last week and just 3 dry days in the last 2 weeks. 
So as you can imagine,

The paddocks can not soak up anymore water,
And are turning into rivers,
The roadside gutters are full to the brim,
The roads go under and leave us cut off for periods of time,
The rivers are raging,
The rivers normally ankle deep, rise flowing over bridges and roads but thankful for now the have dropped leaving their high water mark on the river banks.
We always need a bit of rain but right now the washing is piling up and a few dry days would be helpful, and I am dreading the day the sun comes out and turns the neighbourhood into a sauna.


  1. Sauna down here in SA at the rains and it just gets so oppressive....Ive got sweat dripping down my back just sitting here typing, let alone doing anything else...blah...hope it dries up for you guys very soon.....

  2. It is just palin hot in central Victoria. This morning we have the light sprinkly not even rain falling from the sky that is just making it humid.

    Impressive rainfall you have up there. Hopefully your inundation wil taper off soon and maybe a little bit of it will make it down our way.

  3. I hope the rain stops for your soon Fiona. You don't need anymore rain after what QLD had last year. Here in NSW we have had rain and humid days...yuk. The poor plants don't know what they are doing, some of my autumn bulbs are flowering...what the!!!

  4. Your area looks very similar to mine at the moment...geting a tad tiresome isn't it? I seem to have mould invading everywhere now, lol!
    My other half loves MASH too...i like it but there is only so many times you can watch it!!

  5. I am sitting here in New York reading about you all sweating and It is snowing here. Cant wait till we are sweating I love summer.


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