Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Harvest and a Home Made Feast

Yesterday I did my usual walk around the garden to seething if there was anything to harvest.
There was the usual cherry tomato's and the beans are still producing a few each day.  There was a couple of button squash, a couple of mini white cucumbers, a capsicum and some basil.  But most exciting of all there were 2 figs and 2 raspberries.  I know that 2 raspberries are not that exciting but I had 2 last week too and they only got planted back at the start of January and the fig has not been in for a year yet either.  There are more figs yet to ripen and now I just have to be patient.  Hubby also informed me that he is not that taken with figs so lucky me I can have them all.
Any thoughts on what I should do with them?  They are ripening a couple at a time.

Because it it a rare treat that Hubby and I get to spend an entire day just pottering about together I decided that   I would make us a nice lunch to have enjoyed with a bottle of red wine Turkish bread, and some dips, basil pesto, hommous, guacamole.  Then we had olives, my bread and butter pickles, olive oil and dukkah  a bit of cheese and a pesto, tomato and salami pizza.

It was a lovely long lunch shared late in the day after a few hours pottering in the garden. 


  1. That sounds absolutely gorgeous! He is lucky to have you!! We only got one ripe fig from our new tree this year and i had no idea what to do with it lol!

  2. yum, and I would be excited by 2 raspberries, that's 2 more than I've eaten all year! got to plant myself a raspberry....

  3. Gosh that sounds like a lovely lunch, and a great harvest! If my fig tree ever bears any figs I am not sharing them with anybody!

  4. I'm very jealous about the figs. I planted two last year (not yet a year to be fair) and am looking forward to tasting the first crop. In terms of what to do with them, I was at Food Connect here in Brissie yesterday and we had baked apple, bananas and figs in a caramel sauce - OMG! It was heaven on a stick. So I can strongly recommend that. And I had two raspberries this week as well from similarly new canes. I'm just impressed they made it back to the kitchen. Mine didn't (don't tell my husband)

  5. Yum, that looks delicious!! Sounds like the perfect day. That's so awesome about the figs and raspberries! Even though it was only 2, it's much better than what I could do!!


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