Monday, 23 April 2012

Stiff Competition at the Show

Well another year of the local show has come and gone.
I spent a day working as a show steward setting up all the handcrafts.  There were lots of crochet, knitting and sewing entries as well as quilts, toys, and hand made cards.
It was really interesting to hear what the judges were looking for in each entry and I took away a lot of pointers for any future entries, I might even help out in a different area next year (produce, flowers, or cookery)so I can hear what the judges are looking for in each section.  The ladies doing the judging were from the CWA and the few things that I can pass on to anyone else who might be entering something for CWA judging are:
Make sure there are no loose threads on any sewing,
If you are crocheting an edge on something make sure all your corners are the same,
Make sure you stick to any size limits specified,
And the more work involved the more points you get.
I am not sure that I would be in with any sort of a chance based on what I saw.  I am only a novice sewer and have only just learnt to crochet, so if I start now I might be ready for next years show.
A very cute entry in the "made from recycled materials"
On the day of the show my first port of call was the poultry exhibits.
I love the colour of this bantam she was very cute with very fluffy feet.
This rooster had the most striking colours and the pattern even affected his legs where he had both black and yellow scales.
 There were some lovely fluffy Cochin chickens.
And check out these strapping lads.They had such long legs and I am sure would not have looked out of place strutting down the catwalk, or is that the chicken walk?
And what of my entries?
Second for both my Bread and Butter Pickles and Cherry Chutney, third for my Eggs, sadly I missed out on placing with my other entries but there was a lot of competition and that is not really why I entered.  It is all about getting into the spirit of the event and having a go.  Every year I enter a few more things and I am already thinking about next year.
Do you enter in your local show?  What do you enter?


  1. I've never entered a show, can't even say i've seen them. Awesome job though, love the idea of cherry chutney! Would love to try some of that.

  2. congrats on your successes, and good on you for helping out! We love checking out the chickens at the shows, some beautiful specimens!

  3. What fun! Congrats on your placings..i am never quite brave or organised enough to enter! I love those mice!


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