Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Reading Material

In the last week I have acquired some new books.

The first one was a birthday gift from my best friend and boy am I excited.  So many bread recipes to try over the coming months.

The second book is one I purchased for myself.
We are not looking at getting pigs at this stage but in the future it is something that we would like to do.
Today is my day off and it is raining and cold  and we have the fire going,  So you can guess what I will be doing for at least some of the day.

Have you read any good books lately?


  1. ohhhh looks good. I always have more books than I can read though. I bought a pig book too at farm fest, but haven't got to it yet, not that we will have pigs any time soon either!

  2. The books look fab. Hope your day by the fire was nice and relaxing:)

  3. Those books look great....unfortunately not much reading time here lately but i can dream! I've been thinking about pigs too...they would be an interesting addition i think!

  4. The bread book I would love, the pig book not so much! I am reading an amazing book at the moment called "The meaning of grace" by Deborah Forster who wrote "the Book of Emmett". Great writer!


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