Thursday, 26 July 2012

Home Grown Chicken - The Taste Test

Back on the 14th of this month we had a trial run at butchering our own chicken and I have been meaning to write about the finished product but life (read work) got in the way.
After finishing the butchering we chilled the chicken in the fridge for 48 hours to let the muscles relax.  I decided to roast the chicken whole but with minimum flavouring so we could really taste the flavour of the meat.  I roasted the chicken in an oven bag with salt, pepper and lemon myrtle flavoured olive oil.

The result was delicious!!!
I have to say that I had forgotten that chicken was supposed to taste like, well chicken.  Hubby commented that I should have used a non flavoured oil so we could get more chicken flavour but have he was still flawed by the flavour.
I can only describe it by saying, if you imagine the flavour of the thigh meat, of the best tasting free range organic chicken you ever had, then that is how the (normally tasteless) breast meat tasted.  It took me back to my childhood in the 80's when chicken was not consumed as frequently as it is today and the chicken we ate was definitely more flavoursome.

Now we are really looking forward to having some more of our own chickens in the freezer.  Over the next 2 weekends we will be dealing with the remaining 11 chickens so that should keep us going for a while.


  1. Well congratulations! I missed the post on your trial run. You are braver than me. We did four of our roosters a couple of years back but I never enjoyed the meals. It is something I want to try again one day - I am determined to overcome my squeamishness because I believe it is the kindest way to obtain chook meat. Again, well done!!!

  2. So glad you liked it! I think some people have got so used to the tasteless mushy breast meat that they don't enjoy real chicken anymore. It will make processing the rest of them easier knowing that you're going to enjoy the finished products!


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