Monday, 10 December 2012

Good Company And A Bit Of Sillyness

Over the weekend we spent some quality time with a good friend who came to stay.

As often happens with good company there was also good food and good wine too.
Lunch was a grazing platter with sourdough ciabatta, tomato and basil bruchetta, home made feta  olives, dukka, dips and soft cheeses.  Sort of a European/Middle Eastern ploughman's.

A fair few beverages had been consumed but since we hadd been grazing all afternoon we did not need anything substantial for dinner so I decided on sushi.  I had some salmon on hand and added capsicum carrot, cucumber and avocado.
It turned out quite a few more beverages had been consumed than I thought as there was soon a wasabi eating competition happening.
No that is not avocado.
 There were no tears but the eyes were watering.
Our friend T, I am sure there should be steam coming out those ears.

Yes Hubby, it was a silly idea!

Thankfully they felt they had proven their manhood enough after just one round and they left the rest of the wasabi for the sushi.

It seems that no matter how old they get (these two and 40 and 37) they still like to behave like teenagers.

Does this happen at your place?

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  1. my husband likes really hot food,he just cannot get it hot enough..i am the opposite i don;t mind flavoursome spicey but not to much heat


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