Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Garden Whip Around - Flowers and a Mystery

We are establishing a new garden bed...
The day lilies our neighbour gave us are flowering...
The calendular I grew from seed is flowering...
Stattice putting on a good show in a range of blues...
 The pomegranate is putting on a good show, maybe this year I will get fruit...
 These are pomegranate flowers, aren't they lovely.  I think I would grow one even if it did not produce fruit.
Of the nastutuims I planted this one turned our red, I didn't know they came in red so this was a nice surprise.
This is our datura bush and it has been flowering for the last 2 months.  But this week something strange and mysterious happened...
The flowers came out creamy/limey/white.  Until now it has only ever had peach coloured flowers.  And since this was given to us by our old neighbour as a cutting from her tree we know that the parent plant also had peach coloured flowers.
Any ideas on why this might happen?

NB:  As of 09/12 the have now turned peach.  I guess we have not been very observant in the past.  It could also be that we have a mass of flowers all opened at once.  I prefer the latter.


  1. no ideas on the datura, but the pomegranate flowers are lovely!

  2. your pomegrante is about the same size as mine and about the same amount of flowers they need a good amount of water to fruit

  3. The pomegrante flowers are lovely..I didn't even know they had learn something new every day!

  4. Hi. My Datura (Brugmansia spp.) is also peach but throws out pale cream/lime coloured flowers that turn peach after a day or two. Mine flowers much of the year and has done for a few years now. I'm taking green wood cuttings at the moment as the old tree is getting a bit ratty. They prune really well and are nearly impossible to kill once they get going.

    1. Thanks ED I will wait a few days. We have had our for more than 12 months and I have never seen the creamy white stage only ever the peach. Funny how I never noticed before but I am sure you are right.


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