Monday, 14 January 2013

Hello 2013

A Happy New Year to you all.

I really enjoyed the break over the Christmas period and even though I had to work every day but the public holidays I really tried to live like I was on holiday.  I stayed away from the computer and TV , spent time catching up with friends and family, and read lots of books.

We had a lovely relaxed Christmas with hubby's family and my youngest brother who has moved over from New Zealand.
We gave Jessie an grunting pig for Christmas as she loved to death the second hand one someone gave us.
Hmmm what's in here?
I'll just test it with my paw
Grunt little piggy, grunt.
I love my Piggy
And I am not letting piggy go, even when I go to bed.
My sister in law was buying for me (this year we all only brought for one person each.  Like a "not" secret santa) and she made me this fantastic apron which is reversible and labelled Fi's Kitchen.  Plus she got me some cheese moulds to go with the cheese making kit she and my brother in law gave me last Christmas.  I will post about some of my cheese making another day.

We had a lovely relaxed day and spent some of the afternoon playing Finska.  Such a great great game for all of the family.  It is all about knocking down the pins with a wooden baton and then you stand them up where they fall.  The other team/person then has their turn.  The aim is to get exactly 50 points which is not that easy.  If you go over you go back to 25 points.
The starting set up
My father in law taking his turn.
My brother standing them up from where they were knocked by the last person.
By the end of the game some of them had made their
way back under the mango tree in the background.
(It was pretty hard to get them back there)
Over the Christmas period I have also been bottling tomatoes on a weekly basis stocking the pantry for the year to come.  I don't think I could grow and preserve enough to last a whole year but since all of my tomato plants were grown from seeds every bottle represents a money saving.
Seven litre sized bottles to store away
I am picking about this many "Italian Fryers" Capsicums every day.  They are sweet and deliciousness and I have been eating them right of the bush.  Lucky there are still plenty for the kitchen.


  1. I'm glad you gave yourself a break even if you had to work. The year seems long when we do the same old, same old! Your bottling looks great.

    1. You are so right about the same old same old.

  2. Those capsicums look great, did you buy the seed or seedling? And is that the name they came under?

    1. Suzanne I got the seeds from diggers. The are called Italian Fryers and they have been really prolific. So worth trying as they are sweet and so tasty.

  3. Your bottled tomatoes look great...I was hoping to do that this year but not enough tomatoes. How cute is that puppy dog of yours...just love the photos especially the one of them in bed...super cute!! I just love seeing how the small things make them so happy.

  4. Such a sweet puppy enjoying his new toy!! Such a thoughtful gift the apron and cheese moulds! You have been very usy but glad to see you made the most of a bit of downtime too. That game looks really interesting...i bet it can go for quite a while! Enjoy the year ahead x

    1. The game was great fun and suitable for all ages as long as they can count to 50. Great for kids to practise their maths in a fun way.


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