Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Unwanted House Guests

Last week while doing the washing I heard some rustling behind the laundry tub.  I knew straight away what it was.  A snake keeping cool during the hot weather.

We have had them come in the back door making a bee line for our washing machine where they curl up to keep cool.  This one was a red belly black snake and did not want to leave.
We tried leaving the back door open three nights in a row plus all the days and there was no hint it was leaving.
So in the end I called a snake catcher.  It had been 5 days and I was not prepared to wait any longer to get my laundry back.  Plus this is an area we have to walk through every time we need the toilet or bathroom.
The snake catcher came out and asked me to give him a hand by tipping the washing machine to one side while he grabbed it from underneath.
It was all over and done with in less than 5 minutes and I just had time to run and get the camera to get these couple of photos.

The snake was placed in a pillow case and the snake catcher advised me he would be working on taming the snake over the next week ready to do a display and presentation at a nursing home next week.

Well either way I am glad it has left our place.  If it had just stayed outside he could have stayed.


  1. Heaven help the nursing home! I wouldn't want to be near any venomous snake, let alone one 'tamed' for only one week!

  2. Wow - you did the right thing Fiona, that's a big one!
    I agree with Linda - I wouldn't like to have that one shown around the nursing home. cheers Wendy

  3. He is a huge one...you were so brave to leave it there that long, i am terrified of snakes...especially when on my own with the girls. The hot weather is apparently pushing them out of hiding...yay ;) Wow...what a lucky nursing home lol!

  4. Oh my gosh that's a big one! We have had 2 removed but have seen a big tiger snake up the hill and have no way of finding it which means there's always a bit of angst going for walks up there. Glad he's gone form your place! Mel x


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