Monday, 12 August 2013

Safe To Look Up

Life sure has been busy lately (hence my absence) but we have tackled a couple of big jobs from "The List" and life is slowly getting back to normal.
One of the jobs we had been meaning to do but putting off since we moved in 4 years ago was painting the ceiling in the kitchen/dinning room.  At one stage this now large room was 4 small rooms and a corridor but one of the previous owners opened it all up and now it is about 48 square metres.  However they left all the original panelling in place and just capped where the walls had been.  It was soooo gross with about 20+ years of grime built up, holes where lights had been removed and relocated, layers of paint showing through (aqua ceiling anyone) as well as mud wasp nests dotted about the room.

Ewwwww yuck note the mud wasp nest on the beam
 Basically we always hoped that visitors and guests would never look up.

Not sure when there was last a light in this spot.
 But it was time to tackle the monster room so Hubby set about cleaning off the grime.  This job took an entire day and by the end he was exhausted and was complaining of aching shoulders.  That is really saying something about the grime since he climbs trees for a living.

The cutting in took another whole day because of all the panels which resulted in more sore shoulders.  But we could see straight away the difference it was going to make.

The end result is fantastic and makes such a difference.
It was a lot of hard work with lots of puttying and fix ups and we still have to replace the light fittings but I am glad to be able to cross this one off "The List".

What's been going on at your place?


  1. Wow what a difference. we have a similar ceiling in our dining room and it's been that way for 15 years. But really the whole dining room needs redoing so, as with you, we hope no one looks up

    1. Kate it has made all the difference to the brightness of the room. The wood panelling makes it dark but we are not replacing it as it would be too costly.

  2. Fabulous Job and yes, i can see where his shoulders would ache, painting above your head. It looks terrific from the before photos. That list is getting smaller. I dont know why, since im not likely to meet you but it seems OK that you live in QLD but that if you go to NZ its like you are moving away. LOL In the blogosphere we are all neighbours.

    1. Yes Lynda you are right we are all neighbours. What a pity I cannot just pop around for a cuppa. I would love to check out your chickens and back yard. it will be a while yet till we sell I think but I intend to keep the blog going to document the journey.

  3. Oh my God! it looks amazing!!!


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