Friday, 2 August 2013

Documentary Follow Up

Build Australia's First Baseload* Renewable Energy Plant at Port Augusta
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Following on from Dick Smith's documentary I wonder did you see it and what did you think?

I thought that Dick raised some good points but one of the things that should have been emphasised a lot more is not where our power comes from but how much we waste and how excessive our usage is.

I had no idea about the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power proposed for South Australia and to me it seems like a fantastic idea. If you want to know more about it or you agree that it is a good idea there is information and a petition that you can sign here.

Lets hope our government get real about the issue.


  1. I thought he raised some good points too, but yes, I was disappointed that there wasn't much emphasis on using less power- 24 kw a day on average? We use 5-6 kw per day, and we're comfortable. I guess his focus was on where the power will come from, but we'd need a whole lot less if people stopped wasting it!

  2. I saw it (by accident) and it was sensationally done! The thermal solar power plant sounds like a fantastic idea! Something you don't hear of too often is the health risks to those living and working in the communities that coal mine, that in itself was enlightening for me! And the amount of power we waste! On another documentary I heard that to produce 1 bottle of wine it takes 500 litres of water! That is ridiculous!

  3. I would have liked him to touch more on saving electricity. I tend to think that perhaps we would be a much better society in general if consumption was reduced and people focused on living skills. I all think we could learn a tremendous amount from how the Amish have lived all these past generations. I'm not saying they are perfect but I believe they are just living a way we could all learn from.

  4. I watched it too. I like Dick Smith but he disappointed me this time. He thought nuclear power was a good thing and flying from site to site in a plane that cost him $3000 to fill up seemed a very odd thing to show us in this type of documentary. Like the others I think he should have said more about the lifestyle of the young couple not being sustainable in the long term but I was pleased he showed the various alternative technologies.

  5. It was an interesting show with good facts but yes, like all commenters I wanted more! I felt very frustrated that he didn't address the REAL problem. Ie. over consumption.

  6. I enjoyed it but it did make me feel a little depressed about the future! It featured a lot of alternative options, but nothing that was just right.
    I did think the plane was an interesting inclusion, but perhaps he was trying to get a jump on people mentioning how much fuel he must use. I think maybe the aim was to show what was available and let people work out the best solution is changing our habbits.... now I am off to turn off the two tvs we currently have on... !!


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