Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ten Dollars a Litre

Tomorrow night on ABC a documentary called "Ten Dollars a Litre" will be presented by Dick Smith.  I am really interested to see what is discussed.

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Here is a synopsis about the show.

We feel it at the petrol pump and in our household bills. It affects our businesses and the
cost of virtually everything we buy and directly alters the course of our everyday lives. Yet
until recently, we have barely given energy much thought.
All that's changed now of course. Prices have doubled in the past five years and will double
again in the next five. And now the battle to control energy supplies and the consequences
of burning it are affecting things on a global scale.
As one of the world’s highest per capita energy users, and also one of the world’s biggest
exporters of fossil fuels, Australia is bound to be deeply affected by the changes coming
down the energy pipeline. How will we cope? Where will it all end? What are the options for
Australia as the world moves from a golden era of cheap and abundant energy to an age of
scarcity and high cost?
These are the questions that self‐professed fossil fuel addict Dick Smith sets out to explore
in this engaging and surprising documentary. Hostage to no vested interests, and one of our
most trusted figures, Dick brings his signature brand of common sense to the issue, and
along the way explodes a few myths, upsets a few politicians and surprises us with his
conclusions about the decisions Australia should take.

There is a big part of me that is deeply concerned about where we are heading in terms of climate change and the distinct lack of action by governments around the world to put in place policies that encourage a massive reduction in fossil fuel use by its population.
I know that we are by no means perfect, and there is plenty more we could be doing, but I also believe that many people will not be motivated to change until things reach a drastic level, like petrol at $10.

What do you think it will take people to change?
Do you worry about what the future holds?


  1. I'm really looking forward to this show, I saw it advertised the other day. I think price will be the only thing that shifts mainstream attitudes unfortunately. I walk everywhere, so I'm looking forward to the day when there are much fewer cars on the road, I might even ride a bike!

  2. I can't wait to see what Dick Smith has to say. I'm sure it will be different to what a lot of people will be expecting.

  3. Good Show last night. Would have been better if Dick had not promoted nuclear. which we dont need. Check this out.Please pass around on social media.
    Please sign on to online petition to build renewable energy.


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